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About Us

About LunaCatz

Welcome to LunaCatz!  Let our cute and cozy hoodies accompany you on your adventures!

At LunaCatz, we hope to refresh your everyday wardrobe with a dose of purr-sonality and fun. Not only will you find kittens and puppies and cotton candies on our hoodies, you may also spot a mermaid (merman, too?) and a unicorn hanging out with each other. You can wear them on a sunny day, on a rainy day, or just any day! There is no limit on your imagination, why should there be one on your clothes?

There is only one friendly reminder:
Our clothing run out quickly because we work with independent brands and artists that only make a limited quantity of each style. So remember, snatch it when you see it!

With Love and Magical Kisses,
The LunaCatz Team

~ Los Angeles ~

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